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Trafilco Srl was founded in 1982 based on the experience maturated in several mills of metallurgical field.

Owing to the credit of local entrepreneurs, the firm became famous by specializing itself in making particular shapes for high-quality furniture and in particular for brass beds, which had their heyday back in the time. During the 90s, the production was enlarged and differentiated, meeting the needs of customers in a transversal way, from trader to final user.
The constant research into better raw materials and productive processes, that was already recognized and appreciated at national level at the time being, enabled the opening to foreign markets. A consequence of this international vision was the location of the mill in Cermenate (CO) in 2002, a key place to cover both the national and foreign market, which is still nowadays in constant expansion.

Human capital

The high standard in materials is duplicated also in human capital: Trafilco Srl is made up of people who are driven by passion, innovation, creativity and who cares needs of each customer.
As a matter of fact, people are the only ones who can face today’s new challenges (such as climate change, digitalization, a world of services based on efficiency and globalization) and overcame them owing to the synergy with customers and external partners.

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